Balance begins here.  Whether it is balance between work and life, or finding some time to actually practice your balance, we have something for everyone.  New classes are added regularly that you won't find anywhere else!




Morning or night, weekday or weekend - we have everything from surfing (SurfSet), to TRX, Yoga (Pop Power, Hip Hop, Country Flow), Dance (Don't Worry Be Yonce, Chair Affair, Nonstop Hip Hop), and more! 




Have you tried our Friday Night Socials yet? It's our alternative to happy hour on Friday nights at 6PM - a fun, challenging workout followed by meeting new people. Check the events page for the next one!   


Class Types

Surfset /Yoga /Dance /TRX /Personal Training

Try These New Instructors

Kristin (Tuesday 7AM) & Steph (Thursday 5,6,&7PM and Sunday 4,5,&6PM)

Kristin M

Yoga Instructor - "I fell in love with the physical challenges within the practice."

My first yoga class was a Rodney Yee video that belonged to my mom. I was so relaxed I fell asleep on my mat halfway through the class. Years later, I sought out a yoga practice to balance my love of distance running, but what I found was so much more. I fell in love with the physical challenges within the practice. I discovered that linking breath to movement allowed me to stay present and ignore unnecessary clutter in my brain. I received my 200 hour RYT certification to share my love of yoga with as many people as possible. My classes consist of an energetic flow, practicing with positive thought and intention, having fun, and promoting a strong sense of self love.

Steph H

Group Fitness Instructor - "We're gonna grow together, sweat together, and get. it. done."

Training. That single word can be so scary and exciting at the same time. I've experienced my share of injury, recovery, and growth. It is very possible I have injured every part of my body one way or another. Those injuries of the past won't stop me getting the best workouts I can with what I have, always working towards being pain-free. We're gonna grow together, sweat together, and get. it. done. I create fun workouts that emphasize strength with a dash of corrective exercise and a splash of cardio. Despite my serious approach to health and wellness, we're gonna get weird in all the right ways with our time together! If you're not laughing during your workout, I haven't done my job right. Come play!

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